One City

This City makes a promise with us. It doesn’t matter where you or your parents came from. What matters is how far you want to go. I will fight to keep that promise so no one gets left behind. Because this can’t be a City of rich and poor, of them and us. New York City needs to be one City.

Dear Friend,

To have served our great City for 12 years -- first as a member of the New York City Council and then as City Comptroller -- has been an awesome privilege, much beyond my expectations and imagination as an immigrant kid growing up in public schools. The future brings continuing opportunities: to serve the public through volunteerism, to speak out for needed changes through media, and to share expertise through academia. While I may not hold elected office, I will be actively involved and engaged in community issues and affairs. To get periodic updates via email from me, please sign-up here.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be in touch, and I hope to hear from you as well. Here's my contact information.

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All the Best,

John C. Liu